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Water Conservation

Were you aware that more water in the State of California is used each day for Irrigation than any other water use category? Californians are definitely thirsty. We use more water than any other State – an average person uses approximately 181 gallons per day*

With Landscape consuming a majority of your water usage, plus penalties for over use from the Water Utilities, we can see how water rates are climbing and will continue to rise in the near future. The key benefit of TurfPros Direct artificial turf, particularly in the midst of the drought, is the water savings homeowners can expect to achieve from an installation. On average, this can add up to significant cost savings of up to 70% of your water bill. Real examples of water savings from some of our customers:

Save Time

Added together, weeding, watering, planting, and mowing can take up a lot of time. Converting to turf can save you up to 150 hours of lawn maintenance per year! Once installed, synthetic grass requires very little upkeep and maintenance, making lawn mowers and sprinklers a thing of the past.

If you are considering installing Artificial Turf, contact the Turf Gurus here at TurfPros Direct for a free estimate and design consultation for your artificial turf project.

Conserve Water, Save Money & Get Your Weekends Back!

Water conservation is a hot topic here in Southern California. With year round sun and scarce rain, Californians are constantly being educated on the importance of saving water and solutions for doing so. Even still, a lush green lawn is one extravagance many people simply can’t live without.

TurfPros Direct

Did You Know?

  • California uses more water than any other state – the average person uses 181 gallons per day!
  • More water is used for irrigation than anything else
  • Local water utilities impose stiff penalties for overuse – in San Diego, the more water you use, the higher HCF you pay. After 18HCF, the rate increases more than 40% for each additional HCF used!
  • Water rates are on the rise and will continue climbing
  • Weeding, watering, mowing and fertilizing can take as much as 150 hours per year – that’s about 3 hours per week!

But you still want a beautiful green yard. Trust us, we get it!

What If You Could Reduce Your Water Bill By 70% And Take Your Weekends Back?

If you’re tired of skyrocketing water bills and weekends spent maintaining your yard, there’s a simple solution that can make your lawn mowers and sprinklers a thing of the past:

Artificial turf from TurfPros Direct.

Synthetic grass requires very little upkeep and no water. While we can’t get you off the hook for watering your trees, shrubs, flowers and other landscaping, by installing artificial turf we can help you save as much as 70% on your monthly water bill! Depending on the size of your yard and current water bill, that could be a significant savings that results in a quick return on your investment.

If you haven’t seen today’s synthetic turf, you’re in for a real surprise. We carry a wide selection of the highest quality grasses, all made in the USA and designed for realism, beauty and durability. With a year round gorgeous green lawn and virtually no maintenance or water bill to show for it, we guarantee your neighbors will be green with envy!