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About Us

How We Started 

After more than twenty years in the print publication industry, Sue Yeoman and Dion Denti, publishers of Your Villa Magazine, turned to digital marketing and created SourceReferral.com. Source Referral is an online directory and referral marketing platform that connects businesses and customers.

Source Referral provides a way for businesses to market themselves; leads customers to valuable products, services, and discounts; and offers rewards to customers who make referrals resulting in a new customer for the business.

What Makes Us Different 

Our marketing model consists of word-of-mouth advertising and online referrals. Current consumer research shows that buyers are 83% more likely to make a purchase from a friend’s recommendation than from any other advertising source.

The person making the referral “prequalifies” the refer-ee to the business that is being referred.

SourceReferral.com helps businesses amplify their great service through this unique referral platform. Our platform encourages sharing with friends and family through social media, email, or text. Source Referral is tailored for local businesses who want to maximize their marketing dollars and focus on their business, rather than track advertising results.

What We Offer

Source Referral not only benefits businesses who partner with us, but also the people making the referrals, and visitors to our platform.

 Businesses that partner with us get:

  • A turn-key referral program
  • Incentivized referral campaigns
  • Social media sharing
  • Results Tracking
  • Payout Reporting
  • Fraud Prevention

Affiliates who partner with us receive rewards for helping businesses get new customers. Visitors who use our site get promotional discounts and access to great local businesses.

Why Choose Source Referral

At Source Referral, we are committed to highlighting the best-of-the-best in the industry. Before adding any business to our online directory, we carefully vet each business to ensure they meet our high standards and can provide the best service to our users.

We want businesses who pride themselves on a job well done. We want businesses whose clients are so happy they will want to refer their friends and family. We want our users to brag about getting the “best” in the business.

Go ahead and brag! It’s encouraged and highly rewarded.