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Maximize Every Closet for Ultimate Functionality and Convenience

As one of the top custom closet design companies, your Tailored Living of Riverside designer can help you create the perfect organized closet system for a child, teen—or anyone—with special touches to personalize the space and capture those awkward corners as valuable storage. With a variety of finishes, colors, and hardware, you can go as simple, elegant or funky as you wish, but always with maximum functionality as the goal.

A walk-in closet without an organizational storage system can be a chaotic nightmare. Unplanned space is underused space. By installing a custom closet, you’ll be able to utilize every space for maximum function and beauty.

A reach-in closet is not a one rod with inaccessible corners at each end. A custom closet system of tiered rods, cabinets with drawers, and stackable storage can maximize every inch of the closet, making it easily accessible and attractive.

Custom closet cabinets with open or closed shelving and drawers provide a lot of extra storage space for shoes, folded clothes and accessories. Specialty items such as tie racks, valet rods, pull-out baskets, hampers, and jewelry drawers can be incorporated to customize your closet design down to the last detail! Your Tailored Living designer can help you create the ultimate closet in the style, finish and color you dream of.

  • Capture vertical space with floor-to-ceiling design.
  • Cabinets, drawers, shelves, and hanging rods combine for custom solutions for your storing needs.
  • Glass-inset cabinet doors add design flair and provide visibility for what’s inside.
  • A storage island can add space for a walk-in closet, incorporating drawers or shelves.
  • Tiered hanging rods multiply hanging space and offer low-level reach for little ones.
  • Small or large shoe collections can be displayed on custom shoe racks, with or without protective rails.
  • Pull-down hanging rods let you store items at ceiling level.
  • Elegant velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect all your jewelry and other accessories like sunglasses.
  • Drawer dividers organize lingerie, scarves, ties, and belts.
  • Retractable accessory racks for ties, belts, pants, and scarves create storage in small spaces.
  • Integrated lighting inside cabinets and over shoe racks will add a touch of luxury to practicality.
  • Pull-out shelves and bins are ideal for maintaining folded items without wrinkling.
  • Additional accessories include full-length mirrors, pull-out ironing boards, and tilt-out laundry hampers for ultimate convenience.