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Rug Cleaning

Make sure your beautiful large area rug is in the best hands for cleaning. You need to make sure the company cleaning your rug has the skill and experience to do the job right.

Shiraz Rug Gallery have been specializing in fine quality area rug cleaning for over 20 years and they know the business exceptionally well. Shiraz Rug Gallery professionals have been cleaning rugs since the 1997, longer than anyone else in the Coachella Valley.

The longevity and durability of your rug is contingent upon the way it is cared for and maintained through professional cleanings. Handmade rugs should be cleaned every three to five years depending on the amount of traffic endured.

Rug Duster

Embedded dirt can act like sandpaper, damaging the fibers of your rug. It’s important to get this out prior to washing.

Studies show that 75°/o of carpet soil is non-soluble matter, which our rug dusting process removes. This removal cannot be accomplished at home.

Shiraz Rug Gallery

We will inspect the rug and discuss your concerns (spots, odors, worn areas). After our certified technicians identify the rug’s type, we’ll determine the best method for cleaning, whether repairs are needed, and provide the cost quote.

Do not use steam on your hand knotted area rugs.

Your hand knotted rugs should never be cleaned by carpet cleaners and here is why:

Steam used by carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaners can cause dyes to be diluted causing damage to the color of your rug. In addition, high temperature steam can break down the yarns which can cause the rug to become brittle which in turn causes the rug to wear down faster.

Rug Washing

The rug washing process depends on the needs of your rug. rugs are washed with brush agitation, and type of cleaning solution leaving your rug as clean as possible.

We use an environmentally friendly, neutral soap solution and fresh, clean water leaving no residue on the rugs.

Stain And Odor Removal

Our stain and odor removal process depends on the type of rug and substance of the stain.

Our experienced technicians have seen just about everything and are able to recommend the best course of action during pre-inspection.

Dry room

After washing, rugs are hung in our dry room allowing us to control the temperature and humidity level for a faster drying time. Faster drying times are best for natural fibers and leave your rug with a softer feel.

Grooming & Final Inspection

Once your rug is dry, it’s taken to our service floor for a grooming and final inspection, brushing the nap, and giving it a thorough vacuum. We also trim the fringe to give it a clean, uniform look. If any repair is needed, the rug is sent to our repair department. Otherwise it’s rolled up and ready for pick-up or delivery.

The Process

Before washing begins each rug must be examine in order to determine its origin, age, the type of yarn and dyes used in the process of making the rug. It is only then that the right method of cleaning can be chosen for that specific rug type.

A standard sized handmade rug typically takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to wash.

Please contact us to find out more about our complimentary pick up, delivery, and furniture placement.