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The first and most important decision of any remodeling or renovation project is finding and selecting the right contractor. You will need to trust them and their crews, trust them in/with your home, trust their workmanship, service, and willingness to work with you if/when changes or complications arise. This is scary, as we’ve all heard the contractor horror stories. On the other hand, Gee-Ar-Gee Construction is so confident in our crews, workmanship and customer service that I’m willing to take 100% of the risk until you can see and agree that we are very different. Call us now to learn more!

Remodeling and Renovations

These days, you have to do more research than ever before, as all kinds of contractors are migrating to North Texas from every direction. Locally, it seems like a new “remodeling” company is born every day, but remember, the money you initially save with one of these inexperienced, low-cost, or single trade contractors, does not come without significant risk. So I encourage everyone to start their project with research and study from multiple sources. I’m confident the more you see and hear about us, the more you’ll like!

In the end, most home owners understand, desire and are willing to pay fair price for better tradesmen, better workmanship, better materials and better service from a better organization. You want no band aids, no short cuts and attention to every detail. You want 1st class service and 1st class results from a team of professionals. You know the difference. This is our clientele.

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