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Introducing Thomas J. Greschner & Nancy Fontana:

Tom has a 30-year career as a professional entrepreneur and executive, launching six successful companies in the oil and gas sector in the city of Calgary, in the province of Alberta, Canada. During that time, Tom had built twenty custom homes as a general contractor.

Nancy Fontana has a 25-year oil and gas career and executive, sharing Tom’s passion for construction and interior design. Together, Tom and Nancy combine their oil and gas business experience, vision, and focus to lead Garage Living into the large Southern California market.

Their first Garage Living location will be in the city of La Quinta, CA where Tom and Nancy had built their winter vacation home and where they will begin operations with plans to expand Garage Living locations throughout Southern California.

Both Tom and Nancy are passionate, hardworking, and dedicated individuals with valuable experience that will be easily applied to the operation of their Garage Living franchise.

Thomas J. Greschner & Nancy Fontana — Owners, Garage Living of Palm Springs.