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Thermasol’s Innovative Steam and Smart Shower

Imagine coming home from a long, exhausting day of work. The weather is cold and your energy is low. You are tense, tired and drained. Then imagine turning on your steam shower, stepping into the warm enveloping vapors and letting the stress of the day melt away. This is the ThermaSol Steam Shower experience. With a Steam Shower, the common bathroom can be so much more than just a place to bathe—it can be a haven, a wellness retreat, a sacred space to relax and unwind. It can be whatever you want it to be.

ThermaSol’s performance-engineered, user-friendly and ergonomic products, like the Smart Shower, allow full customization and control of every part of your daily showering experience—from precision water volume and temperature control, to selecting a preferred water outlet, to activating steam, sound and light therapy systems. And now with Amazon Alexa, this sublime shower experience is only a voice command away. It’s so inviting that you may never want to leave your shower.

Sounds dreamy, right? Well it’s more attainable than one might think. With everything from refrigerators to toasters being “smart” these days, why not install a smart device that goes beyond convenience and actually makes a positive impact on your well-being?

There are many ways in which ThermaSol’s suite of products can improve one’s wellness routine. Yes, showering is a necessity, but when you add steam, it is quickly transformed into a sanctuary of relaxation. Dating back to the ancient Roman Empire, steam baths have long been considered an essential wellness practice that promotes healthy skin, body, mind and spirit. Millions of Americans have discovered the benefits of steam baths, as evidenced in the uptick of at-home steam bath use as well as the prevalence of steam saunas at high-end spas and health clubs. In countries like Russia, Japan, Turkey, Iceland and Korea, steam showers are more than just a wellness practice—they are a daily social ritual shared with friends.

Especially in the colder months, when flu and colds run rampant, a steam shower is said to help alleviate sinus and respiratory congestion while providing overall relief from those wintertime blues—especially when paired with aromatherapy. Add Smart Shower functions, a sound system, essential oils, rain-like showerhead, user-friendly LCD touchscreen, multi-spectrum chromatherapy, and voice command, and you have the luxury and convenience of a spa-grade bathing experience, right in your own home. It sounds too good to be true, but fortunately for you, it’s not. Though the process of installing a steam shower might seem daunting, it is actually not much more involved than a basic shower setup. But unlike a basic shower, the ThermaSol Steam Shower offers powerful wellness benefits that can improve your lifestyle.

Bathworks InStyle is a trusted resource used by architects, contractors, designers and homeowners. With a highly knowledgeable staff, each showroom representative specializes in being abreast of the latest trends, technological innovations and product offerings that will meet all of your lifestyle needs. Don’t know what your lifestyle needs are? No problem, just talk to a Bathworks InStyle professional—they will help guide you to your ideal bath setup, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Hopefully by the end of this article, you are feeling more confident about installing a Steam and Smart Shower in your home. If you’re interested in speaking with a showroom professional in person or seeing a working display of ThermaSol’s Steam Shower, we invite you to visit Bathworks Instyle’s 10,000-square-foot showroom at 8780 Central Ave, in Montclair, California.

In an era that continues to become more and more technologically advanced, with lifestyles that are becoming more and more fast-paced, now is a better time than any to slow down and invest in your wellness.