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Why should I consider new Windows and Doors?

In times of rising costs for home heating and cooling and the need to reduce energy consumption nationwide, replacement windows and doors are a smart home improvement investment. Not only will replacement windows and doors make your home more energy efficient, they will reduce your heating and cooling costs. By reducing the amount of energy your home consumes, your demand for petroleum products (electricity, natural gas, heating oil, etc.) will also be reduced. The investment in replacement windows and doors will enhance your curb appeal which may increase the value of your home. We are leading Anderson Window Dealer in Murrieta and or goal is help you save money.

What time of the year is the right time to replace my existing Windows and Doors?

The answer is right now!! Many homeowners believe that late-Fall is the best time to replace their existing windows and doors. This makes perfect sense in colder climates where you would want to be protected from the harsh winter weather. But in our Southwestern climate, we experience some of our highest utility costs from Spring months through early Fall due to much warmer weather and the costs associated with cooling our homes.

What makes your Windows and Doors better than what I have now?

The best insulators for your windows and doors are wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Many homes built 15 or more years ago used metals such as aluminum or steel in their windows and doors. Metal frame and sashes are the worst insulators for windows and doors. Dual pane replacement windows and doors have an engineered space designed between the panes of glass. This space provides insulation by allowing air within the space to absorb some of the heat and cold that would normally travel through a single pane window. If the space between the two panes of glass is filled with an inert gas, such as Argon, the window becomes even more effective in insulating your home and reducing your energy costs.

The most expensive windows you own are the existing inefficient ones in your home today.

There is never a bad time to investigate and replace your existing inefficient windows and doors with efficient custom fit vinyl replacement windows and doors. As the leading Andersen Window Dealer in Murrieta we have the knowledge and experience to save you money. By replacing your inefficient windows and doors now, you can enjoy year-round savings of your utility costs and provide greater comfort for your family, friends and guests. You may even qualify for a Federal Tax Credit and utility rebate programs where they are available for making your home more energy efficient.

My Windows and Doors are costing me money?

Heat is transferred through solid surfaces from the warm side to the cold side through a process called “conduction”. Metal is a strong conductor of heat. This means your windows and doors themselves could be causing your heating and cooling costs to be higher than the cost would be with new insulated replacement windows and doors. Any cracks or gaps around your existing windows and doors allow heated or cooled air to enter or leave your home. These cracks and gaps are repaired when new replacement windows and doors are installed.