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Refer a Business

How do I refer a business?

To refer a business, go to the business profile page and click the “Share Offer. Earn Rewards.” button. You must be an affiliate and logged in before you can make a referral.

You can refer a business several ways:

1. Refer by email.
Enter your friend’s name and email address.
Click the “Email” button.

2. Refer by text.
Enter your friend’s name and mobile number.
Click the “Text” button.

3. Customize your message and send via text.
Copy your Affiliate Link using the red “Copy” button, go to your message app. Enter the mobile number(s) for those you want to refer to the business. Type in a brief introduction to the business. Then double tap the message to paste your affiliate link. Send your message.

4. Post your referral link on Facebook or Twitter.
Click the “Facebook” or “Twitter” button. Once you are logged into Facebook or Twitter account, your affiliate link will be active. Write a brief message about the business and post your referral.

Use the referral method that is best for you and the person you are sending the referral to.

What Our Users Are Saying

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Start Referring on Source Referral

Source Referral offers a great way for you to earn rewards from companies you’ve tried and loved through business referrals. Our platform will keep track of your referrals and rewards. All you need to do is log on to your account, find the business you want to refer and share it with your friends. Create an account and refer businesses today!