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At Simply You Cosmetic Surgery we care about what you want to see in yourself. We listen to your desires and together we create options to discover a more natural approach for your face, breasts, body or movement through stem cell infusions.

Meet the Doctors
Dr. Craig J. Ball, MD

Cosmetic Surgeon, Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Craig J. Ball grew up watching his father perform surgeries as a teenager. Following in his father’s footsteps Dr. Ball attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, graduating in the top third of his class. He went on to completing his Head & Neck, Facial Plastic residency in Los Angeles in 1982, joining the teaching staff there upon graduation. In 1986, he was awarded the prestigious Leland House Outstanding Academic Teaching Award, voted on by all the residents.

Dr. Ball joined the teaching faculty at the White Memorial Medical Center along with his friend and colleague Dr. Bill Hall, in private practice in Marina del Rey, and at the Valley’s busy practice at the Sierra Medical Center, where he became the Chief of the Head and Neck Department until 1999.

After marrying his wife Lorna, he moved to the Coachella Valley and built and established Cosmetic Surgery Institute which he sold in 2008. In September 2021, he opened Simply You Cosmetic Surgery with a talented team of cosmetic surgeons, laser and injectable RNs and Estheticians.

Dr. Ball has been refining his techniques in natural facelifts, the incisions, the various plication (lifting) techniques, volume restoration with one’s own fat, utilizing the latest Sciton Erbium lasers for the final touch, erasing those unwanted lines around the eyes and mouth. Take a moment to see his before and after photos to view his natural, revolutionary results.

Dr. Ball is also recognized in Southern California for his incredible total body Liposculpture techniques, utilizing small Cannulas to achieve natural blending into the surrounding areas. The results are remarkable as you will see in his before and after photos.

In 2016, Dr. Ball joined the Cell Surgical Network and has been treating patients with multiple pain disorders. His combined passion for stem cell therapy and liposculpture extends from patient pain relief, to enhancing patient’s ageing facial features, rounding out breasts without implants, or shaping a flattening buttock. Dr. Ball’s techniques focus on his patients feeling younger and more naturally beautiful.

Dr. Ball is thrilled to call Simply You Cosmetic Surgery his new home and is equally thrilled to have his friend, colleague, and expert surgeon Dr. Mark Berman join him. Together this team offers the best cosmetic surgical practice in the Coachella Valley with innovative medical spa treatments and the latest facial therapies and lasers techniques with expert RNs in injection, lasers and various options.

Dr. Mark Berman, MD, FACS

Cosmetic Surgeon, Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Mark Berman and Dr. Ball have been friends since 1980 when they did their residencies together in Los Angeles. Dr. Berman currently practices cosmetic surgery and stem cell surgery in Beverly Hills and Palm Desert. In 2010, he was president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, which was also the year he started working in adipose stromal vascular fraction (SVF), pioneering stem cells innovation. Together with Dr. Elliot Lander, they co-founded the California Stem Cell Treatment Center. They also formed the Cell Surgical Network, an internationally recognized group of over 200 physicians, including Dr. Ball, dedicated to helping and healing patients with chronic pain. Dr. Berman and Dr. Lander have written and published numerous medical journal articles related to the safety and efficacy of treating all sorts of injuries and pathologies.

Dr. Berman is one of the innovators in the art of facial fat grafting, the 3-dimmensional restoration of the aging face. Dr. Berman first came to Palm Desert in 2003 at the request of Dr. Ball, to perform complicated breast procedures, especially for patients experiencing capsular contracture and hardening of the breasts. His Gore-Tex “pocket protector” is an industry groundbreaking technique, which results in a very natural, soft breast.

Dr. Berman is also an expert in rhinoplasties, having developed an advanced nasal tip technique called a Double Columellar Strut Graft, resulting in beautiful, natural nasal tips.

Dr. Berman and his wife Saralee have one son, Sean, who is an Amherst College grad, where he played quarterback. Sean is currently with Cell Surgical Network and is doing some remarkable work in concussions, brain injuries, sharing great potential for football head injuries and military personnel who have had concussive (CTE) injuries.