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Our natural fabrics are mindfully sourced to create the most durable, breathable and comfortable mattresses possible.

Cotton is uniquely absorbent, naturally breathable, and extremely durable.
Just like we wear cotton clothing for its breathability, cotton is used in mattress construction for ideal air circulation, keeping your body cool and comfortable. We use cotton in a unique way, taking extra steps in the tufting process to increase mattress durability. Each cotton layer is placed over the top of the innerspring, expertly tucked into the coils and pre-packed with skillful button-tufting to prevent shifting or clumping. These traditional steps allow for exceptional support night after night.

Beyond an artisanal approach

From quilting our own materials to mounting our own box springs and building our own pillows, quality craftsmanship is the backbone of our company culture. We take an exceptional level of care all the way from the buying process of mindfully-sourced materials to the handcrafting of the beds, to the sleep consulting in our local showrooms and our 365-day comfort guarantee along with complimentary white-glove delivery service.

Quality takes time

Our handcrafted beds take anywhere from 6-12 hours to build, depending on the layers and complexity. We value hand-tufting to keep all of the materials in place for 10-15 years and not sag or shift. We use quality, durable materials, not just in the top layers, but all the way through and on both sides. We are able to customize the size, fit and materials for your ideal sleep solution.

High-quality and best value

Since we own our factory, showrooms, and delivery trucks, we invest our time and money into quality craftsmanship and customer service, not having to pay a middleman or high sales commissions. We sell direct to our customers, allowing us to offer high-quality mattresses at the best value.

Good sleep is healthy sleep

We believe you can’t go wrong with a customizable, skillfully-designed, handcrafted bed. We are not just in the mattress-building business, we are in the healthy-sleep business. And we take pride in creating the best sleep solutions for our customers.